Michigan Bartending School Opens

Bartending school in michiganMichigan Bartending School Opens Month of March 2016.

Serving Michigan communities.

Becoming a bartender can open the door to a wide range of jobs in the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, event and catering industries.

Bartending career opportunities are not just limited to bars and restaurants. Bartending opportunities are available in travel and recreation industries for example.

Professional Bartender School is proud to announce that our first bartending class in Farmington Hills community begins March 2016.

After much anticipation, we are finally ready to open our school to excited students who will be begin training for a professional bartender career!

Our Grand Opening bartending training academy for local bartenders is scheduled for Monday, March 28, 2016.

We are still offering a pre-register, grand opening special for complete bartender training for only $99.00. Call Today! (248) 826-0800 for call-in grand opening special.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Bartender School Students

Michigan Detroit bartender schoolSince 1983, professional bartender school has trained students in the career of bartending.

Below are a few comments left by past students throughout the years.

I took the class at the San Marcos location and had Arnold as an instructor. The class was a great experience and Arnold was an excellent instructor. I think he did a great job at preparing us for success at our first bartending job. His focus on recipe knowledge and speed bartending gives anyone who takes this course an advantage in the field.
Yvette Swanson


If you are trying to get into the bartending business or want to take a class for fun this is the perfect school to gain friendly knowledge in the bartending business. Arnie is an awesome instructor!!! Who cares about his students, he even helped me find a job , who contacted him looking for a bartender and referred me. He is a great instructor who is full of positive energy. I wouldn’t have been able to get the job without his lead, which I’m truly grateful for. I did not go to the San Marcos location, but the instructor Josh went to our class a few times, and is also very helpful and a great guy with and awesome attitude. This school will help train you to become a professional bartender all with the help of Arnie, look no further if you are looking for bartending school.
Alexander Levit


At the San Marcos location, try to get Arny as your instructor, he’s a great teacher with great expertise & years of knowledgable information for you to learn from. Excellent class, professional & prepares you for the real world with the pressures ( simulating loud music, people crowding & ordering multiple drinks, etc…) of a real bar venues atmosphere – this is great for a real world bartending experience…You also learn a great deal – You definitely GET YOUR MONEY WORTH here & some! Enjoy & don’t be intimidated – its only meant to make you a pro & not a slacker behind the bar (if your fortunate)!
Gabriela Haskins


I walked in, super late, and unsure what to expect. The instructor, Artie, was energetic and comical. The class was great fun and a fantastic learning experience. I arrived knowing next to nothing, and now I have a strong foundation of dozens of drinks. The class was “hands-on” which is the most effective way to learn. The people are great and patient. Everyone is here to learn and have fun, so the atmosphere is enjoyable. There’s no pressure. Artie answered any questions and demonstrated everything with gusto! I would recommended and encourage this course, emphatically! Class was great! I am looking forward to putting my newly-acquired skills to use soon!
mitra salehi


If you’re looking to learn new drinks or simply gain some knowledge in general I highly recommend Arny as yourinstructor. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area, full of energy and cares about his students. Best of all you will have a great time learning. I had an awesome time and if I were you I wouldn’t give it a second thought sign up and have fun learning :))
Anabel Melendrez


The class was great. The teacher was friendly and helped with everything any question we had he answered. He gave everyone an amazing experience and an anecdote every class. He also gave us useful bar-tending tricks that we applied to are practices. I highly recommend that if you are interested in bar-tending you take the class.
Carena Gilbert


Arnie is a top-notch guy! His flare is OFF the HOOK and he really knows his stuff! I have learned more about drink making, bottle handling and general bartending than I have ever hoped to learn in an entire lifetime! I feel as though I will come out of this course with a wide knowledge of bartending skills and I am confident that the skills Arnie has taught me will put me on the fast train to getting a high paying bartending job! Arnie is a really great guy and has given me confidence and knowledge to be a great bartender! I hope to raise the bar of bartending, nationwide, and I thank Arnie SO much for that! This was the best decision I could have made and I couldn’t imagine (and wouldn’t want to) any other better teacher!
Patrick O’Hara


Ive been taking the class for a week and a half now and I thought it was fun last week. Week two is a little more hands on and suuuper fun. Im so glad i chose to attend this school. The instructor, Chad, is a very experienced and knowledgeable bartender and a totally rad dude. My classmates are awesome as well. At first, I was just looking to build the resume but now its all about fun. If you’re looking to become a bartender, this school will definitely help make it happen for you. Thanks Chad. See you out there!
Mason Shepard


Though this class was certainly a challenge, it was definitely worth it! I had a lot of fun learning what life in the bar tending world would be like, while at the same time living the experience of being behind a counter filling orders. Chad was an amazing teacher, as well as an extremely personable guy! I learned a bunch and had fun doing it, would definitely recommend that to anyone looking to go into the field.
Ani Cardenas


Awesome instuctor! Makes bartending lots of fun, makes sure we are well prepared for the real world bartending. Very satisfied with this course. Would definitely recommend to anyone !!
Damian Makki


After finding a great deal for the Pro Bartending School in San Diego, I decided to take the call for more information. The staff was exceedingly pleasant and very helpful answering all my questions before I signed up for the class. Chad, our instructor was very knowledgeable and answered any and all of the myriad questions the students had. The class was a blast. I was able to meet a ton of local people and made a few friends in the process – not to mention the library of drinks I can now make! I’d highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun adventure and learn a lot in the process.
Bennett Bier


The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and you will learn a huge amount of info about all aspects of bartending. Would recommend to anyone looking to have a fun time learning new drinks making new friends or if you are looking to gain the experience required to get a great job.
Kurtis Selander


I found this class off of zozi and took it not knowing what to expect. However I was more than pleasantly surprised. The program is well organized and has hands on experienced with an experience bartender supporting your every move. I highly recommend this program!
Wonderland Mermaid


Ive been anticipating starting bartending school for years, and i chose “Professional Bartending School” June of 2012. My experience was great. I started not knowing ANYTHING and i am finishing the class with knowledge of all basic drinks. the class is pressure free, fun, the instructor is chill and friendly. great environment. i would totally recommend this course.
Andrea’ Mosca


I was very surprised coming into this school, as I did not know what to expect. The instructor Chad was very knowledgeable and full of energy. Class was excellent! Lots to learn and lots of time to practice. I learn best “hands on” and this class A+ in that department. I have a new respect for all the bartenders out there…as there is a lot to know with this job (lots of little details). I highly recommend this class to anyone, whether you have experience knowing what goes into drinks or not.
Shanna Will


I’m getting ready to finish up this class in just a couple days and it has been very educational regarding mixing drinks. I’ve had a lot of fun learning and the instructor is good at what he does. He’s worked in the industry and it shows. I would definately recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about what a bartender does. Great work
brenda Ibarra


Great experience, especially hands on experience. Instructor well informative and always welling to answer questions about bar settings and personal experience. I recommend everyone to take class either for personal growth or personal entrainment.
exponential crazy


laid back, good environment, chill teachers. a great way to stay classy, san diego.
Manuel Mojarro


Excellent place to learn the skills of Bar tending. Instructor is very clear in his instructions, helpful, approachable. I recommend this course.
Rosa Mora


The class was great hands on, I learned over 50 drinks. Chad knows the industry and is very informative. I would recommend the class to anybody new to bartending, you will learn all about it.
Robin Kotow


This class was really fun, and you really do learn a lot of the popular drinks and how to make them efficiently. Chad is awesome and helpful and really wants to see everyone pass, and in the end, have more appreciation for their bartenders.
Jenny Le


Bartending Classes. 2 weeks. Straight to the point, tells you everything you need to know to confident in finding a job. Make friends. “its not what you know its who you know”
Vivian Quesada

Amazing course!!! Before this class i only knew how to make two drinks, but now i know how to make all the drinks in our work book. Highly recommended.
Karina Banuelos


Great hands-on experience and super knowledgeable instructor… Definitively lots of fun too!
Jasmine Nichols


It’s a very fun and helpful class! :)
Danny Rodriguez


I learned a lot from this class, and Chad was very helpful and explained everything very well.
A Google User


I’ve been in the industry for a while and this was def time well spent…I learned alot of the actual theory behind what SHOULD be going on behind the bar. Chad was a wealth of info having been an actual bartender in many Vegas spots and did a great job of teaching the class and making it fun. I would def recommend this for anyone that wants to be in the hospitality or bar industry. GREAT training and GREAT new friends!!!


Great class. Coming in I didn’t know much about alcohol/drinks (aside from their effects, of course). Now I feel as if I can confidently work behind a bar and show customers a good time. Chad has a lot of great experience that he shares in a fun way. I definitely recommend this class.
A Google User


This was great experience and i learned so much. Chad is a great instructor and is very detailed and doesnt sugar coat anything. i thought i knew a lot already but i clearly was wrong. i had a lot to learn and am still leaning. Chad taught me not to second guess my self and that was a great lesson learn… i recommend this class to any and everyone..even if you want to make bartending a career or just a hobby… This is the place to learn.
A Google User


This class has been so much fun! The instructor Chad strives to make this class as interesting and hands on as possible. I don’t know what John is talking about, maybe he is just a really debbie downer and hates life! Think positive man!
A Google User


Good times, lots to learn
I had fun 2 weeks in this class, learnt of lot of drinks and bar techniques. I feel confident to make any drink now. I get to practice a lot, there were not many people on each station. The instructor was really good too.
Highly recommended for people who want to get started with basics of bartending and learn a whole bunch of new drinks.
A Google User


Had a GREAT time. Good people, good class. Chad did a great job making sure we were ready and prepared for the final. Met some really great people as well from this class, and i would definitely recommend it to anybody.
A Google User


This class was so much fun! AND I learned a TON! This class will definately help me get a job as a bartender and strengthen my skills as a server. Chad was an awesome instructer, very helpful!
A Google User


awesome classs!!!! the teachers give you great tips class is fun everyday all around great experience! highly recommend to go to this class deff.worth every penny!
A Google User


I’m half way through my classes at Professional Bartender’s School and I’m loving it! they have a real bar set up, and a great instructor that has years of experience and bartended for years in Las Vegas. I’ve already learned so much in just one week. can’t wait to land that bartending job i’ve been dreaming about!
A Google User


I did this on a whim from a living social deal. This class was FANTASTIC. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. This class is so much more than just drink recipes. Chad the instructor was ridiculously helpful, has a ton of experience and taught us tricks that only experienced bartenders know. I totally recommend this class and instructor
D A Google User


I met with Ken, a nice guy. He told me the facts, I got trained and a job. Again thanks for being honest. He’s a New Yorker :) lol
A Google User


aweome class. the teacher was really good at explaining the drinks and helping us understand the bartending world. i had a lot of fun. this class is worth taking even if its for entertainment purposes.
A Google User


This was A M A Z I N G!! I started this course “just for fun”, but the more time I spent in it got more and more interesting!! I learned a lot and made great friends.. Chad, our instructor, always had a positive and super cool attitude.. Thank you for the great time!!
A Google User


Professional Bartender’s School is great! The classes and instructor were laid back and rewarding, it was exactly what I needed to learn the essentials of bartending. It was a really hands on class that is dedicated to helping you get real life experience behind the bar.
A Google User


This was a great experience. Chad is the man. I learned a ton that I will be using in the industry. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested to get into bartending or just learning how to make better drinks. Great Class!
A Google User


This class was very exicting and i learned alot in two weeks and the instructor chad was very helpful.I would recommend this class. Best class ever!!!!! I would totally recomend this class for anyone thinking about bartending in the future.
A Google User


At first I was afraid to even pour ice into a glass. By the end of the first week I was able to mix multiple drinks with such ease that even Tom Cruise would be proud. The class setup provides a fun and easy place to learn and practice.
A Google User


Had a lot of fun, very informative and educational. Met some really great people and had awesome teachers! Highly recommend!!
A Google User


Its a great class for beginners! Chad does very well in taking you step by step from the preperation process to the actual making of the drink. Its worth the time!!
A Google User


Pro Bartending School is the best Bartending School to learn how to become a Bartender. The Bartending lessons were fun and interesting. I found a great Bartending job with this School’s assistance.
A Google User


AMAZINGG!! This class is a lot of fun and i recommend it to everyone who just wants a little extra help learning the ropes of the bar!!
A Google User


Great time whether looking for a job or wanting to learn more about mixing drinks. Give it a try! Our instructor Chad was professional, articulate, and entertaining.
A Google User


Fun Easy going, nice people and great chance to practice. I came to this class with a little know how but I have learned so much more, in such a short amount of time.
A Google User


Great times, Highly recommend. Met wonderful friends here. Chad was a great instructor.
A Google User


In a world where it’s all about confidence, Professional Bartender’s School allows students the opportunity to be able to walk into any environment and get right to work. Highly recommended.
A Google User


Great class! Got confident behind the bar and met fun people!
A Google User


Great times! Chads awesome
A Google User


A Google User


The instructors here are absolutely amazing! Tarl and Arny care about the success of all of their students. They continuesly offer their real world experiences in the classroom, which is great to be taught by guys who are the best in the business giving you their incredible learning lessons that you can use behind any bar!


Their knowledge and expertise mixed with the great location and functional classroom is simply second to none. I learned so much from these guys and this school and would recommend them to anyone starting off. Even an experienced bartender who needs to brush up on their skills would benefit from going to this school. Since they encourage students to come back and share their successes it’s a very welcoming environment.


A big thank you from me to all of you guys!

Loved the experience, loved the teacher, Arnie was hilarious, at first I was confused as to why he spent so much time in the office while we were practicing making drinks, until I realized there is much less pressure as to when he is standing over your shoulder, he’s passionate about what he does, and super knowledgable. Pick his brain as much as you can, and ask all the questions you have! Bring a pen, and don’t forget to study! :)
Nikki G.
Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA


The starting point to a new career. It is fun, the instructor teaches everything you need to know.
J L.
Winter Gardens, San Diego, CA


Great experience, lots of fun, and the life-saver knowledge of more than 150 alcohol drinks. Now I know what is the difference between Scotch and whiskey, what usually comes in my favorite drinks, I actually can make more than 15 totally different cocktails within 7 minutes and do know weird and bizarre names of delicious liqueurs.
The course lasts only two weeks, where you receive constant tutorials and practise all the time. And it feels awesome when all of the sudden by the end of it you can recognize and easilly make what seemed to be absolutely impossible to make. Also I found out a lot of interesting facts about beer, wine, tequila and other hard liquors.
I totally suggest you to try this course, and I’m sure you’ll find the moment or maybe the opportunity to use new skills after its graduation.
Julia S.


I am wrapping up this class and I can say, I have learned a lot. I read a few of the prior reviews and some people would not be happy EVER. I am taking the evening class and it started off VERY full but over the first few days it thinned out. I liked that it was hands on practice and not some lecture for two weeks. We were able to get behind the bar on day one and start making drinks with simulated spirits and mixers.
Jocquetta H.
San Diego, CA


Chad, the instructor, has lots of knowledge and I like how he was there for us to ask questions and even gave us many additions to the drinks in our workbook.

I took this class for fun and knowledge but now I would love to moonlight in a bar or at a banquet. Not only can I pour accurate great tasting drinks but I know my way around the bar and the calls of spirits in it.

Yes we had to make a few corrections as someone pointed out in another review but it is not the end of the world. Bar-tending is like cooking not two chefs have the exact same recipe and the corrections were more like enhancements than correcting mistakes.
I took this class in San Marcos after a purchased a great deal from Groupon. I was a bit overwhelmed just looking at our booklet and having to remember so many drinks but the instructor, Arny, is well informed, very approachable, a great teacher, and made learning a breeze. He gave tips and tricks on how to remember drinks and how to hold/pour better. With a very large class, he was able to observe everyone and lead us in the right direction. You could tell he cared, that he is very eager to help, and give equal attention to his students.

One day I was San Diego and knew I couldn’t make it back in time. Not wanting to miss a class, I called and asked if I could attend the class held in San Diego. Let me tell you there was a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two instructors. He talked for a little bit about what were were learning but he was moslty glued to phone and chair. He did not watch to see how his students were doing. I felt that his teaching lacked quality. I felt bad for the students there, because they weren’t really be taught anything or given the kind of help that I was getting.
Kristine G.
Las Vegas, NV


I am currently attending the school location in San Marcos, and so far I think it is pretty swell. I really like the teacher, he speaks loud and clear, knows his stuff, is passionate, makes us all feel comfortable and shows us the ropes in an easy to understand way. I was really intimidated at first to remember all 150 drinks but the material is presented in a pretty easy to understand and comprehend way. I get along with all the other classmates and its cool to be in an environment where everyone genuinely cares about learning and is helping eachother out.
Alice W.
San Marcos, CA


Gotta say, I loved coming here. I had so much fun and learned so much. The class is broken down nicely so it’s not too hard but it is still challenging. You become very comfortable learning as a group which helps because the teacher can’t be everywhere at once. Arny, the teacher is very nice and easy to follow. He makes the class so much fun you don’t realize you’ve learned almost 50 drinks by the time you finish the class. Besides just making drinks you learn a lot about the bar business as well. Arny has over 10 years experience and he passes his wisdom onto his students to help them become better bartenders.
Chris B.
Chula Vista, CA


My friend and I took the class together and we had a blast! We did the night course in Mission Valley with Josh and he is a great instructor and a good guy. He is really knowledgeable in the bar business and was a great mentor. The class is very hands on which is awesome! I thought there was no way I would ever be able to learn the drinks, but sure enough after the two week course I was able to not only learn them, but make them and pass my speed test! Thanks Josh and Pro Bartending School!
Andrew M.
San Diego, CA


Time and Money well spent!!!!! Arny is a Great Instructor!
Amanda W.
Escondido, CA


I’m a graduate of this school. I’m.amazed at how thorough and professional Our instructor Chad is. the amount of hands on training is awesome! We learn so much about everything, being a bartender is not just mixing any drink, it’s a profession and there’s a science to it. We learn so much here in as little a 2 weeks we get tons of education on anything and everything there is to know about bartending, how to make world class drinks, etc. The job placement program is awesome! Since graduating I have taken the skills and talent and started my own mobile bartending business and have been busy and doing well! To be the best bartender I highly recommend getting certified in mixology thru professional school of bartenders! This school is awesome!
Rosy Q.
Chula Vista, CA


I attended this course in February at the San Marcos location. Arny was an excellent, helpful and knowledgable instructor who managed our large class (35+) and welcomed everyone. The class is engaging and informative; I highly suggest it for all those interested in a career or passionate home bar hobbyists. I’m off to make some drinks!
Nicholas P.
Escondido, CA


I am currently attending the class in Mission Valley and it has been a great experience! Arnie is the best instructor, he really knows his stuff from being in the industry for ten years and his little tricks for memorizing drinks have been very helpful. Like others have said, the class started out really full but every day, less people show. Would definitely recommend it!
Chelsea A.
San Diego, CA


I am three days into a two week coarse and it has been great! Class size is perfect and no less than three hours a day i spend behind there bar learning some great drinks and tricks. The instructor is great and actually orders drinks from you and lets you know when you got it perfect or messed it up. This is a real life job lesson that you can put to use or just have fun with. I recommend this class highly because i now understand what is actually happening on the business side of the bar.
Seth s.
Chula Vista, CA


This is a review of the 6-hour “crash” Saturday class at the Mission Valley location with instructor Arny. This one session alone will in no way prepare you to be a professional bartender, but it’s a great introduction to the craft and is a good way to get your feet wet to see if this would be a good match for you as a job. A friend and I took it for fun after getting a deal voucher. I just wanted to learn better techniques for making drinks at parties. I’ve been drinking in bars for 25+ years but never really paid much attention! I am not going to say I walked away knowing how to make 150 drinks but I got the basics of the different main liquors, liqueurs, mixers and techniques. There’s definitely also a good smattering of mechanics of working with a professionally stocked bar, although we didn’t deal with beer taps, wine or blended drinks in the 6 hour session. Arny was really professional and knowledgeable and kept us moving. Definitely worth it.
Jenny R.
San Diego, CA


How great is it to learn something new?! This course is not something to take as a joke, let me tell you! They mean business! I work full time and had to study every chance I got. If you are serious about Bartending, do some research prior to your start date, trust me it will help! Go into the grocery store and get I know your alcohol brands and what the bottles look like. That was the hardest thing for me. I’m not big on drinking, but making drinks is right up my alley! What is really great I even the opportunity to meet friends in this program. It’s is two weeks full of Arnie (I think that is how you spell his name.) I really enjoyed the instructor Arnie, he was serious about learning, but still down to earth and understanding. What more could you ask for in an instructor? Oh, this is important..wear comfortable shoes! You will be standing for hours, practice at home and have fun! I enjoyed my time and you will too.
Jessica O.


San Diego, CA I’m a recent graduate from Professional Bartender School, and I’ve found many jobs due to your team in the job placement division! I highly recommend the Professional Bartender School!
Thank you for helping me achieve my personal goals!!
Sincerely G. Byrant


You’ll be privileged if you get Arny as your teacher! He’s truly a professional bartender that puts you through bootcamp but you come out learning & knowing drinks off hand & how to properly make prepare them. This is an intense course that is WELL WORTH it! Come into it concerned how you’ll remember all those drinks & techniques and come out with complete confidence! Highly Recommended….Listen carefully also, cause Arny mentions resourceful tips, so pay attention & have fun!
Alexander L.
Valley Center, CA


In response to previous reviews negative or positive let just say this school has passionate instructors. The instructors I had are Josh and Arnie. Arnie who unfortunately won’t be teaching for awhile taught with enthusiasm and taught some flaring tricks and has great bartending stories to serve a good use. Josh is the other bartender teacher who has good anecdotes to help remember, always makes the class light hearted. Both these instructors have a funny and charismatic personality. If your a sensitive serious person you might get offended due to their humor. If you want to be an excellent bartender engage and learn from these guys. The school has 1 hr of informational instruction and 2hrs hands on so if your slow-paced and serious expect to be chastised and criticizes a bit. However, if you study hard, practice like you want to be the best bartender in the biz, and reciprocate with a fun and playful attitude, you will go a long way. This business is not just let me be pretty and memorize fancy drinks. This business is about being a people person, consistently having a good pour count and speed, and also taking harsh criticism. Even though Emerald, previous Yelp reviewer, stated “what goes around comes around”, know both Josh and Arnie have good karma coming their way. Great job to you both!
Erika B.
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

Bartending Job Michigan

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How to Bartend

How to be your own BartenderBartender training school michigan online

Bars are magical places, full of smoke, fried foods, happy people with lowered standards…and almost always alcohol. But what happens when you entertain at home? Not only are you expected to have a fully stocked bar, but those baby pearl onions had better be at the ready, and you may hear reports that the drapes are on fire.

Panicked, we sought guidance on the art of being your own bartender.

Q. Should I watch “Cocktail”?
A. “The Tom Cruise movie”? Never hurts, the air-borne, spinning techniques are called “flair bartending” -still very popular in places like Las Vegas and Disney World. But there’s a distinction that Cruise missed. “The trick to flair bartending is making a drink while performing the tricks,” he says. “Not so in ‘Cocktail’.”

Q. What are the biggest mistakes amateurs bartenders make?
A. Taking shortcuts. A cocktail recipe may look convoluted, but every step has a purpose. Chilling a glass, blending the ingredients for the proper amount of time, twisting the lemon into a martini rather than dropping it -a little extra time translates into taste.

Q. What are some of the intangibles about bartending -the stuff you can only learn through experience?
A. It’s all about the customers (or, in our case, guests). “They can have quirks on exactly how they prefer to have the drink made, “Shaken, not stirred’ comes to mind.”

Q. What are the latest fabulous cocktails?
A. New and trendy is so… last summer. This year, the classics are back. “The Cosmopolitan, Kamikaze, Sex on the Beach, Martinis, Long Island Ice Tea, Woo Woo,” Pace suggests. “I bartend at night in Vancouver [British Columbia], and the most popular drink was a Long Island Ice Tea.” Just make sure the traditional drinks are prepared properly, “Martinis, Manhattans, Rob Roys, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sours. They have been made since Prohibition, and still are popular today.”

Q. How can a party host stock a home bar without going bankrupt?
A. The basic liquors should do the job: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, scotch and whiskey. A popular brand name of each will run you about $10-$20 each. “You should also have things like dry and sweet vermouth, triple-sec, lime juice and grenadine for mixing cocktails,” Pace says. If you’re inviting more than 30 people, consider professional help. Professional Bartenders School can help stock the bar and juggle drink orders while you mingle.

Q. What about barware -is it necessary to invest in grappa glasses?
A. You should be alright with rock glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses and margarita glasses. Or you could simplify things with high-end plastic glasses. A cordial glass can be used for grappa.

Our Bartending Course features facilities that have completely operational bars for the students’ instruction. Each bar is arranged as if you were training on the job, using blenders, soda guns, sinks, glassware, speed racks, ice bins, and bottles so that you will gain knowledge of by doing.

Techniques of Speed – In this section of the bartending course, students are taught how to prepare multiple drinks orders rapidly and correctly.

Equipment and Bar Set Up -Students will learn how to arrange the bar and work station for the upcoming day. They will also learn how to utilize and keep up all the tools of bartending.

Mixology – This part of the bartending course instructs students in the principles of mixology. This is the fine art of drink mixing. Students gain knowledge of over 200 basic and fancy cocktails.

Liquors – During this section of the bartending training, students learn about the liquors they use.

Garnishes and Fruit Cutting – Students will be trained how to slice fruit and decorate tropical and specialty drinks.

Profit Pouring – This section of the bartending course teaches suggestive selling techniques that will enhance bar sales and tips.

Wines -Students obtain an understanding of wine service, tasting, and the distinction between wines.

Beer – Students are shown how to pour draft beer and tap a keg.

Customer Service-Students learn how to give efficient well-mannered service. Knowing how to provide superior service equals excellent tips that convert into money in your pocket.

Alcohol Awareness – Students learn to serve alcohol with care and attentiveness. Several states now require bartenders to have this training before licensing.

Flair Training – In this course, students will study the art of flair bartending. Learn to master the moves of the skilled bartender and make Tom Cruise look mediocre after attending this course.

Health and Safety / Legal Responsibilities (certification) – Students will learn the legal responsibilities, health and safety concerns of the workplace. Certification is also available.

Cash Register Procedures and Cash Handling – In this part of the bartending course students will learn to correctly operate a cash register and credit card authorization machine. They will also learn the correct methods of managing cash.

Resumes and Interviewing Techniques – You will learn successful interviewing for a bartending position. Students are trained on how to fill out an application, resume preparation, and how to dress and respond to interview questions.

Michigan Bartender Training School

Professional Bartending Course Covers Everything Needed to Begin Your Career as a Professional Bartender.Bartender training school michigan online

At Professional Bartending School, we teach our students all the bartending basics needed to prepare for a career in bartending anywhere in the country. We have graduated thousands of students since 1983 who have gone on to lucrative careers in the hospitality industry. Additionally we provide you with a certificate of completion that is recognized nationwide.

In addition to our classroom hands-on training center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we offer affordable complete online courses that anyone in the U.S. can study as well as a $9.99 APP that is available from Itunes, Google Play and Amazon. Our online training provides you all course materials including workbook and online videos with a final exam that once passed will get you your bartending certificate.

Our bartender course lessons will allow you to learn everything you need to know to become a working bartender. In each bartending class or online training, you will learn and practice the topics below.

learn to be a bartender

  • Mixology – classic favorites; current popular drinks and everything in between for all types of settings
  • Bar set-up
  • Liquor types, history and uses
  • Personal presentation and etiquette
  • Customer psychology
  • Industry legalities
  • Health and safety practices
  • Money handling
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Alcohol awareness and alcohol server training program
  • Techniques for maximizing gratuities
  • Bartending certification
  • Front and back bars
  • Soda dispensing guns
  • Sinks
  • Ice bins
  • Speedracks
  • Glassware
  • Mixing equipment
  • Electric blenders
  • Bar stools
  • Liquor bottles containing simulated liquor
  • Simulated fruit garnishes.
  • Audio-visual equipment

If you have ever considered a bartender career, now you can learn in our training center or online with our affordable online classes or app.

If you need further assistance or have questions, please feel free to call our email or admission representatives, we are here to serve you.

Michigan Bartending School Opens

Monday, January 4, 2016Detroit Bartender School

Farmington Hills, Michigan — Just in time for the New Year our new bartending school training center will open in Farmington, Hills, Michigan.

The new training facility teaches bartender career techniques focusing on mixed drinks, wines and liquors, pouring techniques and bartending job responsibilities’ for those seeking a full or part-time job opportunities in the hospitality industry.

The bartending training center is operated by Professional Bartender School who has been training bartenders since 1983 and supplies bartenders to local companies, hotels, and for hospitality career opportunities nationwide.

In January 2016, Professional Bartending School is scheduled to open its school in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It’s a center where students can learn how to bartend behind a real bar atmosphere and get hands-on training.

While the bartending course focuses on how to mix a drinks and customer service, the course includes the responsibilities of a bartender. Bartenders have important responsibilities and need to learn that their career comes with more than just learning how to mix drinks.

The school will have a hands on bar, large screen tvs and experienced instructors who will teach comprehensive 2 week classes culminating  in a final exam to be sure students have absorbed all course material. Once a student passes the exam they will be issued a professional bartender completed training certificate that is recognized nationwide.

To sign up for the course, be sure to pre-register now at a significant grand opening special rate today. The admissions staff will contact you with the details of the class schedule. The school offers day and evening classes.

Bartender School APP




Download the Professional Bartender Mobile Apps for Schools Training with Certificate APP and Begin Your Career in the Hospitality Industry.

Thinking of becoming a bartender? Are you limited in time or can’t afford a 2 week hands-on class?

ry our Professional Bartender School APP. This APP provides you with everything that is in our curriculum workbook and includes videos where you can follow along with the instructor in learning the basics of bartending and job responsibilities. All designed to help you start your career as a successful bartender.

Once you have absorbed the material, take the included final exam and when you pass you’ll receive your bartending certificate of completion! This popular course is designed for those who can’t attend classroom instruction and want to learn at their own pace. Only $9.99 complete course!

The Bartender Training APP for all your devices. Includes workbook, videos, final exam and certificate of completion
Available on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon